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How to: Electric Highlights

Balayage, baby lights, low lights ombrè–we’ve been there and done allll that. But one thing we haven’t checked off our list just yet? Electric highlights. Our interest in this standout style was piqued when we saw pungent shades of yellow, red and blue highlights on the Versace Fall 2017 runway. The likes of Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid, and Catherine McNeil all sported electric highlights and we instantly knew we had to recreate the look. We enlisted Mane Master Laura Polko to show us how we can hop on the electric highlights train at home. Watch our full how-to video now!

Inspo: Versace Fall 2017

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How to: Electric Highlights

Sounds by @tennysonmusic and @mr_carmack

Laura Polko might be a stylist to the stars–but HERE’S the time she almost blew it with a celebrity client.

2 minutes

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