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Easy Ways to Take Your Fave Hairstyles Up a Notch

While we love a classic style (hello, ponytail) sometimes we want a twist on an old favorite. Think of your hair looks like food—specific tastes never get old but, ah, what a difference a new spice makes. Even if you have almost zero time to devote to getting ready, these hacks make it surprisingly easy to elevate your hairstyle of choice. Here’s how to update your go-to hairstyle, whether you’re in a full-blown rut or just want to switch it up.

Ponytail Upgrades

Bubble Pony

A bubbly pony is the ultimate pony upgrade. It feels like a brand new style but it’s still our old faithful, just with a bunch of mini ponies added to the mix.


When in doubt, put a ribbon on it. You’re changing nothing but the effect is definitively elevated. Not to mention, hair ribbons are totally back in style as of late.

Bedazzled Ponytail

This is an ordinary low pony, but this crystal accessory makes it red carpet ready.

Bun Upgrades

Braided Bun

Braid a cornrow starting from the crown (if you’re feeling ambitious), or simply create a braid and wrap it into a bun. Either way, this hairstyle is breathing new life into our fave.

Money Pieces

Leave two strategic hair strands loose to perfectly frame your face. You can even braid them or bedazzle them to elevate the look even further.


Adding glitter to your regular bun will make your look over in one step. We love Kevin Murphy’s Summer Shine, which repairs hair while adding shimmer.

Space Buns

Part your hair down the center and create a bun on each side. Boom, you’ve got on-trend space buns, with no festival ticket required.

Braid Upgrades

Hair Scarf

Hide flyaways by wrapping your braids with a scarf and protect hair from the elements while upgrading a classic.

Baby Braids

Make your braid a mini. Baby braids are the easiest way to do off-duty and there are so many ways to wear them.

Precise Braids

Add lines to a classic cornrow braid and draw attention to your main event braids while elevating your whole style.

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