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HOW-TO: Emily Ratajkowski’s Premiere Waves by Ryan Trygstad

It’s no surprise that Emily Ratajkowski has lived up to her bombshell character in We Are Your Friends at each press and premiere event for the film this week. With a gorgeous head of sultry dark hair, Mane Master Ryan Trygstad has styled her hair to perfection, debuting a new look each day. Lucky for us, Ryan divulged how he created her tucked waves earlier this week.


“We wanted her hair to have a simple underplayed elegance. As a model, I feel Emily doesn’t need too much to make her look red carpet ready; less is more for her! I added just one line of hair extensions to the bottom of the hair just to add a little more bulk. Once she was dressed, we decided to keep the shoulders clear of hair for a look that was more fashion than celebrity, just simple and elegant!”


1. “I started by rough drying Emily’s fine hair with Christophe Robin Volumizing Mist at the root.  

2. After her hair was dry, I went through with the 1/4 inch GHD iron to create curls, holding the iron vertically.”

PRO TIP Use a smaller iron if working in humid climates, on finer hair types, or on hair that won’t hold a curl. “Emily’s hair drops very fast, and with the NYC humidity we would have lost all the texture if I had used a larger iron.”

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