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Emma Stone’s Side Swept Hair at the Oscars 2015 by Mara Roszak

Emma Stone is always a stunner on the red carpet. Not one to shy away from debuting a new look or showing off the most recent trend, she constantly makes the best dressed and beauty lists. This year’s Oscars showed off a classic version of her fiery strands with smooth cascading curls and one side swept away.

Thanks to her hair stylist Mara Roszak (and Mane Master extraordinaire), we were able to learn how to recreate the look straight from the woman who created it herself…

“This look was soft, feminine with a vintage 30’s feel.

1. I started by applying L’oreal Advanced Hairstyle Curve It Mousse to get damp hair, parted deeply to one side and worked the product into the hair.

2. I rough dried completely, then used my GHD Curve 1″ barrel iron and created pin curls to set the hair. 

3. Once the hair was set, I removed the pins and started the “S” formation at the front, using clips and a comb to work the hair into the perfect shape. This step is key as it sets the overall vintage tone. 

4. After creating the shape I wanted and placing the clips to help it set, I sprayed with L’oreal Advanced Hairstyle Strong Hold Hairspray.

5. Next I removed the pins and gently brushed through for a soft feel. I loosely gathered hair to one side and pinned into a loose chignon, allowing the front pieces to fall out. 

6. For a finishing touch I spritzed L’oreal Strong Hold Hairspray all over for a moveable soft look.”

Be sure to follow @MaraRoszak on Instagram for more #manespiration.

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