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Bored in the House? 5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Hair Stuff

Spending our days at home has become the new normal. If we are lucky enough to still be working, we still find extra hours in our day that are saved by not commuting or a more lax work schedule. If you find it hard to fill every hour of the day, here are five productive ideas to spring clean your hair stuff during this pandemic.

(via Container Store)

Spring Clean by Category

Take a page from our favorite neat freak and organize your products during your spring clean by category. This will make it easier for you to find what’s needed. You will always know what section to search when you are looking for a conditioning boost or a hard hold spray. Organizing by other methods like pairing products from the same brand together won’t be as efficient and won’t offer you time saving.

Take Inventory of Expiration Dates

Certain products have an ingredients list that only allows for a few months of use. Others are chemical-laden and can be used for years. Take inventory of your products’ expiration date and only keep those that have a good amount of time left in them. If they are set to expire soon, make a conscious effort to use them (which may be hard given that you aren’t going out) or discard if you won’t be able to go through the product in time.

Invest in Drawer Dividers

Drawer and medicine cabinet dividers can make all the difference between a manageable shelfie or a disorganized mess. Invest in dividers or make your own using DIY materials like old (but sturdy) cardboard boxes. Make sure your products are clearly defined by categories in each division.

Employ Reverse Labels

Experts suggest you organize your closet by making your hangers all face one direction. After you wear an item, they advise that you put it back with the hanger facing the opposite direction. After six months to a year of this behavior, you need to discard all clothing that is still hanging in the first orientation. Similarly to that method, round up your product cabinet and turn all products with the labels facing away from you. As you go through your days, flip the labels on any hair product you use. After a few months of this, you will instantly realize what products are simply taking up space and what products you use often.

Discard First, Only Spend Time Spring Cleaning What is Left

The golden rule of spring cleaning hair stuff is to be as efficient as possible. Instead of spending time finding space for products you won’t use, be ruthless about discarding and only spend time organizing what is left.

Now that you’ve tackled organizing. HERE are creative ways editors are practicing self-care during this time.

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