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HOW-TO: Faux Bangs by Brian Buenaventura

faux bang clip in bang

To bang or not to bang? That is often the question we’re faced with when seeking a quick hair change. This season, hair stylist Brian Buenaventura made the faux bang a much more approachable option for those of us too scared to bang out a commitment when we’re feeling impulsive. A clip in bang is a fun and easy alternative that is no stranger to the runway, but that the everyday girl doesn’t usually think about (just make sure it’s cut to your face shape!).

Here’s a backstage look from the Houghton FW’15 show at Milk’s MADE studios in NYC…

Filmed & Edit Dean Holcombe



1. Create a center part and spray hair down at the roots with Redken 23 flexible hold hair spray.

2. Seal in the product by brushing it down with a teasing brush and the heat from your blowdryer to create a sturdy foundation to clip bangs into.

3. Once hair has cooled, clip ‘em in at the back of your center part. Another beauty in sporting faux bangs is you can live with that perfect length right at the brow line, without the worry of weekly trims.

4. In sections, blow dry Redken Guts into the hair to give the style some natural volume and texture, and help blend the bangs into the hair.

5. Use your flat iron at a vertical angle to create a lived-in bend in the hair. It’s all in the wrist.



Photo Source: Mireya Acierto/Getty Images North America

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