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Find the Right Style of Bangs For Your Face Shape

Out with the old, in with the new—now’s the time to test-drive a new ‘do, and all signs are leading to fringe. Forget how you think they’ll look on your face shape, because we picked a pro’s brain to get the fringe facts straight. Keep scrolling for a guide to the best bangs for your face shape, from Colleen Duffy, a hairstylist at Benjamin Salon in West Hollywood.

Round Face

The perfect fringe: Piecey baby bangs or long pieces

Why: They both elongate her face. The baby bangs allow her to have bangs without covering half of her face, and the space between her bangs and eyebrows make the face look longer. Pieces longer than chin length also drag the face down and make it appear longer. 

How to style: For baby bangs, blowdry them back and fort with a comb so they’re flat and straight. For the long pieces, you can use a medium round brush, take the pieces from both sides and blowdry them up and back. If you’re waving them, wrap away from the face.

fringe bangs

Heart-Shaped Face

The perfect fringe: Cheekbone bangs and piecey short bangs 

Why: They both accentuate this face shape, highlighting the cheekbones and jaw line. 

colleen duffy haircut bangs fringe face shape

Oval Face

The perfect fringe: Rounded brow-length bangs, baby bangs

Why: Oval faces are the most balanced, so they can pretty much wear any bangs.

How to style: For baby bangs, blow dry back and forth with a comb. For longer bangs, use a small round brush and take horizontal sections down. Dry shampoo can be used in between washes if they get too greasy, or just section out the bangs and wash them if the rest of the hair doesn’t need to be washed. 

 fringe bangs

Long Face

The perfect fringe: Eyebrow-length bangs or long pieces-around cheekbone (no longer than chin)

Why: Both of these create width to her face so that she’s more balanced. Anything longer than chin length will be accentuating the length of her face. 

How to style: Section out a triangle for the bangs then use a small round brush and take vertical sections, starting with the one closest to hairline, and blowdry them down. If they’re longer bangs, separate them in the middle after doing this using a medium brush. 

bangs fringe face shape

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