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How To Find The Right Brush If You Have Thinning Hair

Like your hair type and texture, not every hair brush is created equal. For thinning hair types, the right brush can mean the difference between maintaining fullness and creating breakage. For advice on choosing a brush that doesn’t sacrifice the integrity of thinning hair, we went to the pros. Ahead, discover the best thinning hair brushes that detangle, style, and blow dry without causing breakage or heat damage to fine and thin hair types.


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LA-based freelance hairstylist and groomer Veronica Nunez tells us that the ideal styling brushes for fine or thin hair are ones that don’t have dense bristles. “If you have thinning hair, choose a brush whose bristles are widely spaced apart. Avoid densely populated bristles on any type of brush. The tension is too much for fine, delicate hair and will result in breakage. Some of my favorite flat brushes are:

For detangling: Tangle Teezer or Wet Brush

For blow drying and detangling: Paul Mitchell Sculpting Brush or the YS Park Beetle Luster Air Cushion Brush

For styling: Mason Pearson Boar & Nylon Brush

As for round brushes that work best on thinning hair, Veronica says she advises her clients to stay away from metal brushes because the barrel can get really hot and burn hair. “If you do prefer metal brushes, always pick an ionic brush like the ones from T3Mirco. The negative ions react with the positive charge of water for a quicker, less damaging blow out. My favorite round brushes for thin hair are the YS Park G-series Shine Styler, because the mix of long polyamide pins and short boar bristles. This brush glides through hair with proper tension without breakage and tangling.”

Erickson Arrunategui, stylist and hair extension expert at Bumble and bumble, recommends the Ibiza Round Brushes or the Mason Pearson Flat Brush. “Both are made of boar bristles so the hair will not over heat while blow drying which may be the case with a metal brush.”

“I would say stay clear of metal brushes—they’re great for bouncy blowouts, but for everyday use can sometimes cause damage from overheating. Also, stay clear of brushes that have a separation between the base of the brush and the handle. They often catch hair which will result in breakage.”

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