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Quick Fixes for Hair Damage and Breakage

I pretty much wrote this story for myself, as I’m not on the best terms with my mane. We aren’t breaking up, but there’s breakage involved. So, I reached out to Devin Graciano, hairstylist and head of product development at Goldie Locks, for all her expert advice on how to soothe my strands and get back to a good place. Discover some quick fixes for hair damage and breakage below!

The Best Quick Fix for Hair Damage

There’s nothing like a good quick fix, and according to Devin, the fastest solution is getting your butt into a salon. “You want to make an appointment to see your hairstylist and schedule a deep conditioning treatment and a trim or a haircut,” she says. “When approaching hair breakage from a DIY perspective, it is always important to understand how you got the damage in the first place,” she notes.

“Chemical (color/ lightning) breakage or what we call a chemical haircut is having the cuticle and oftentimes cortex of the hair breaking due to the high amounts of chemicals melting the hair. For more context, the hair’s cuticle starts off by looking like scales or imagine rooftop shingle placement. When we apply chemicals, especially bleach (lightener), it forms holes like a sponge to eat through the hair and discolor natural pigment. The more chemicals we use or the longer it’s on the hair, the holes will connect making the hair break off in those points,” Devin explains.

“If the hair breaks due to chemical processing, likely you will want to opt for a shorter and chic haircut and mend any integrity back into the hair. You will want to focus on internal replenishment via protein as well as outward (cuticle layer) rejuvenation via hydration and moisture,” she continues.

Summer is starting so listen up to this one. “For hair damage caused by the sun, heat/heat tools, or too much time by the pool, you will want to focus on replenishing hydration and moisture only to pump the life back into your hair’s largest shield, the cuticle layer,” Devin says.

To undo all this damage, treat your hair right. “Opt for a hydrating hair mask like Goldie Locks Signature Hair Mask and Goldie Locks Signature Hair Serum. The latter is a hybrid of hair oil and hair serum giving your hair internal attention as well as an outward shield.”

If you prefer a vegan/DIY route, Devin recommends “warm coconut oil, which is high in fatty acids, that can come to the rescue to damaged strands and can absorb into the hair leaving it soft and shiny again while feeling rehydrated. Avocado hair masks will surely bring benefits to your locks. By lathering hair in avocado the high fatty acid content will help repair damaged hair while its natural minerals will also bring vitality back to damaged hair.”

How to Regrow and Restore Damaged Hair

If you want to completely regrow healthy hair and restore the hair you have, shift your focus to beneath the surface. “Our hair grows in three-month cycles and through that cycle, your hair health is determined before it grows out of your scalp. To regrow healthy hair you will need to focus on balancing your body with vitamins and minerals from the inside out. When your body is balanced in micronutrients, your hair will be healthier, stronger, and grow faster. A hair growth supplement like Goldie Locks Supplements focuses on whole-body wellness that directly affects your hair growth cycle.”

Eating right is inextricably linked with hair health. “When your body lacks a specific or collective nutrient it grows out weaker making it an easy target for breakage through its lifecycle,” says Devin.
“After you get on a daily supplement routine, it is important to look at scalp health to ensure your scalp’s microbiome is healthy to let your hair thrive.”

Her other tips are words to live by: “Do not over-shampoo your hair, do use sulfate-free products, do give yourself a scalp massage each night, do avoid friction when towel drying your hair, and never go to sleep with your hair wet. Ensure your scalp and new growth is dry or bacteria and fungus will start to collect in a wet dark environment like your scalp,” she stresses.

How to Deal With Hair Breakage

Though it seems like we would have figured it out by now, the truth is that breakage can not be remedied. “Breakage is a breaking point of the hair and once it is off you cannot put that hair back on the hair strand. However, if you have weak points in the hair or split ends you can mend this by using a hydrating leave-in conditioner like the Goldie Locks Signature Leave-In Conditioner, a hair protectant like hair oil, or thermal protectant, and ensure you use a restorative hair mask. There are other more science-backed products that can bring natural hair back like K18. However, any products with protein are meant for natural hair and not meant for the longevity or quality of hair extensions.

The Longterm Approach to Dealing With Damaged Hair

“Ditch your bleach or highlight hair appointments to avoid exposing weekend hair to more chemical processing which will lead to unwanted chemical haircuts, but keep your hair cut or hair trim appointments. Ensure you are supplementing essential vitamins and minerals that support your body and your hair growth,” Devin says.

Those without curls and coils are more susceptible to breakage while the hair is wet so ensure you prep the hair with leave-in conditioners and stylers with emollient properties before combing or brushing your wet or towel-dried hair. “Avoid friction when towel drying, and try for a silk pillowcase that can also ease friction while sleeping,” Devin continues.

What to Do If Your Hair Is Beyond Repair

“If you’ve consulted with your stylist and you’ve come to the conclusion that your hair is beyond repair, take this as a push to go outside of your comfort zone and take the opportunity to identify yourself with a fresh haircut,” advises Devin. “Oftentimes we are not ready for a significant hair change especially when it is unexpected, but you can shift your mindset and understand that hair holds memory and history. If we cut off the ends that no longer serve us, you could be letting go of baggage you didn’t realize came with that length.”


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