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How to Fix Unhealthy Hair

We’ve all done it.  You bleach and color till you can’t bleach no more.  Your ends are thrashed, your hair is breaking, and you still insist on a full blowout/flat iron combo every morning.  News flash! Somethings gotta give… and we’re assuming you’re not in the mood to give up.  Thankfully there are deep conditioners out there made for destroy junkies just like you!  Here are my top 3 picks I’ve recently fallen in love with.


I picked up this bottle of magic yesterday at Mimosa Salon.  The owner Rose gave me directions (and high hopes) for transforming straw-like ends into silk.  I rushed home and took an unnecessary kitchen sink shower just to try it out.  The conclusion: yep. mind blown. So much that I had to share ASAP.  Directions say to spray onto damp hair and style as desired.  Provides heat protection, shine, and unadulterated restoration.


Did some internet digging and found this number.  Review after review of people claiming that they “would not even think of using any other product” led me to believe this should definitely be talked about.  Sulfate free and recommended for chemically relaxed hair, it brings even the coarsest of curls to smooth sailing.


Ghandi once said “be the change you wish to see in the world”.  While I’m assuming he wasn’t talking about your beauty regimen, the saying can easily be applied your hair.  You’ve bent your strands until they’ve broke and are now ready for change.  Indulge 1-2 times per week in this deep conditioning treatment. Said to restore your hair to a virgin like state and “increases hair’s resistance to breakage up to nine times while healing, protecting, and preventing further damage”. Done and done.

2 minutes

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