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How to Flat Twist the Right Way

A flat twist is a highly versatile protective styling technique—when you start with a flat twist, you can go anywhere. It’s also the key to creating double boxer braids/cornrows and everything in between. The braid stays the same but changing the width is the easiest way to switch it up. The style is relatively straightforward, it’s just a matter of working hair directly from the scalp into the braid and continuing to add in more hair. Once you perfect braiding this close to the hairline, you’ve earned your degree in flat twisting. Celeb stylist Tiffany Mack tells us how to flat twist below so you can recreate one of our most beloved braids.

How to Flat Twist Like a Pro

To begin, part clean hair to match the desired size of the braids. “You will use a pomade of your choice on both sides of the part to make it look neat,” Tiffany explains. If you start on the left, you will start at the beginning of the part and grab and roll the hair firmly (but not tight).

“As you’re rolling and grabbing, you will continue to move towards the back of the parting using the same technique until you have rolled the entire section. Then depending on the style, normally there will be a section to wrap the end of the flat twist around until you’ve finished the other areas,” she says. “Whether it’s a style for the front of a ponytail or to the back of the head there will be a small bun of some sort for foundation. You can use pomade to hold the hair in place.”

Flat Twist Tips and Tricks

Of course, all we care about are the hacks, namely how we can do more with less. “If the hair is natural and has a coarser texture, flat ironing the hair first will help add a sleeker look. Also, a great holding pomade is a must. So an edge control or braiding pomade that doesn’t get oily are the best choices,” she shares on making the look snatched.

The style is best for anyone who likes protective styles and wants a low-maintenance look for a few days. “All kinds of hair textures can benefit from this style,” notes Tiffany.

How Long It Takes to Do a Flat Twist

As flat twists are all about width, the bigger the braid, the less time in the chair. How long flat twisting takes varies “depending on how many twists you’re doing and how large each section/twist is. It can be done really quickly with large twists or take a long time with tiny ones,” she continues.

When it comes to flat twisting heroes, Tiffany swears by Lucid Bliss “Edge Slayer” and (bonus) a little goes a long way. “It has a 24-hour hold and doesn’t have a waxy buildup,” she says. Flat twists can last “up to two weeks depending on your lifestyle.” So once you get it right, you can really stretch it out.

Want to avoid an itchy sclap when you wear this protective style? HERE is how to do exactly that!

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