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How to Get an Effortless Updo Like Britt Sully

By this point we’ve pretty much got effortless down to a science—we know the product cocktail and the hot tool formula, but what about the effortless updo? How can I make it look like I haven’t tried, when I’ve clearly tried? No one just wakes up like this, with a half-up half-down halo or top knot—but, leave it to the magic of Brittany Sullivan aka @BrittSully to make it look like maybe this hairstyle just happened to us, because it’s seriously that natural and perfect.

Effortless Up-style

(image via Instagram)

The key to keeping up-styles effortless follows the same ethos as with down styles—no matter how you’re wearing it, this look is all about texture. Texture, texture, texture—we can’t repeat it enough. Britt particularly loves a deconstructed style, explaining that she loves to play with texture, especially, “letting a few face framing wisps escape” when styling. Her can-do advice? “Don’t fight them, they’re what gives the pony or bun that extra somethin’ somethin’.” The key to minimal hair is easier than we all think. “Do. not. Overthink,” she assures us. “You got this!”

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A post shared by Brittany Sullivan (@brittsully) on

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Bridal Trial

Britt’s styles work anywhere, from the office to the street catwalk and even for bridal. “I love romantic up-styles,” she gushes—don’t we all? Try a deconstructed chignon on your big day and you will seriously look like you were born a bride. To Britt-ify your bridal trial, pin hair at the nape of the neck so that it has a “loose and effortless” feel. Another option is a braided chignon. To get this style, hair is  braided (one or two braids both work) starting near the nape of the neck. The trick is to pull at the braid(s), simultaneously loosening them and adding texture. Next, gather and pin them low and loose, not necessarily in a perfectly circular shape. “There’s no wrong way,” says Britt, who will loosen face-framing pieces to make the look even dreamier. “I love a good romance hair-story!” she adds.

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Your Best Pony

And what about the ponytail? Our favorite style is also one of Britt’s mainstays. “My fave personal go-to pony style is a mid-low pony with a center part, a few stray pieces framing the face, and a tiny bit of volume at the crown,” she says. The best par of this pony? It’s a great way to keep unwashed hair looking mint (we won’t tell). For second day hair (or third, hey girl – you do you!) add a center-part, give your crown a bit of texture spray, and fasten in a bungee hair tie—“bungees are easier to keep the style intact minus the lumps created with a regular hair tie,” she advises. Next, softly pull out pieces around your hairline, “pieces near the part and in front of ears are easy and cute if you have any layers,” says Britt. Spritz your pony with texture spray (light to medium hold hairspray also works), then add a quick scrunch for fullness and… voila! “You should be out the door with the perf pony!” she says.

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The Recipe

To get the look, Britt turns to some of the best stuff out there RN, always making sure to put hair health first. “For any hairstyle, my first step is a heat protectant,” she confirms. “Lately, I have been loving the KENRA Thermal Styling Spray 19 and R+Co ONE Prep Spray,” Pro tip: if you’re adding any waves to a pony, heat protectant is a great idea. To get texture within the pony, Britt grabs her OUAI Texturizing Hair Spray and ORIBE Dry Texturizing Spray. “I love them for texture that isn’t sticky,” says Britt. She also loves the OUAI Medium Hair Spray and ORIBE Thick Dry Finishing Spray, to help set styles without compromising on movement. Her favorite finishing spray, “think bridal style where maybe you don’t want the breeze to mess with your perfectly deconstructed chignon too much,” she adds, is KENRA Volume Spray 25 – “KENRA does amazing finishing sprays,” she tells us. Finally, to make ends and wisps a little more piece-y without being sticky (no one wants sticky hair, no matter how good it looks) Britt goes for a texture paste, like Broken Dreams from IGK.

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A post shared by Brittany Sullivan (@brittsully) on

You too can get Britt’s patented Dream Girl Hair, here.

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