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4 Stylists Share the Best Ways to Get Hair Dye off Your Hands

Every colorist has been there. You just finished a coloring appointment thinking you made it out unscathed. That’s when you look down at your hands to see some dye has seeped into them.

What’s one to do? Well, whether you’re a professional or even some dyeing their tresses at home, stylists across the nation are here to support you.

Below, they share their tips and tricks on how to get hair dye off your hands. Keep scrolling to discover their best advice on the matter!

Paint Your Nails a Darker Color

Balayage colorist and owner of Well Salon Savannah Briggs has a very clever hack for getting the dye off your hands. And it starts with your nail color.

“I’m notoriously awful at remembering to wear gloves,” she shares. “One of the best things I found is to have my nails painted a darker color, preferably gel polish. Your nails and hair are made up of the same bonds, so color quite literally dyes your nails the same it would your hair. So if I keep my nails polished, I’m able to wipe any color off and avoid staining.”

Savannah also shares that another important step is keeping your hands moisturized.

“Dry hands love color,” she notes. “And if it’s stuck on my skin, I’ll usually take the color remover and rub it all over like soap and then scrub with warm water.”


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Use Some Home Remedies

Celebrity hair artist Marcia Hamilton has plenty of products in her arsenal to get rid of any extra dye on your digits.

“These are home remedies like rubbing alcohol and soap, baking soda and dishwashing liquid, vinegar, or non-gel toothpaste,” she says. “Another simple trick I use is rubbing body oil on the skin then rubbing it on your hair. This can also remove the dye stain.”

If home remedies aren’t your thing, Marcia swears by these two wipes.

“To remove hair dye from skin, I use Revlon Roux Clean Touch or Framar Kolor Killer Wipes,” she notes.


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Mix Together a Bleach Wash

Hairstylist and owner of Modest Spot Stephanie Carrillo offers a tried and true method for this dilemma, one most stylists will find helpful.

“I always just mix lightener with 20 vol and add shampoo to do a bleach wash on my hands. It’s not off until you have no fingerprints,” she jokes.

For individuals at home who don’t have these supplies, there’s another remedy that works just as well.

“I’ve been told using rubbing alcohol on a cotton round will get it off and I would recommend washing with soap and water after,” Stephanie mentions.


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Wear Gloves

Colorist and owner of Halogen Hair Co. Ashley Evert notes that the best way to prevent dye from staining your hands is by taking preventative measures.

“The best way to remove color from your hands is to prevent it from getting there in the first place— wear gloves,” she states. “Not only to they prevent stains, but stylists can actually develop allergies to color from repeated contact with their bare skin.”

Ashley understands that even when wearing gloves, some dye can still make its way onto your hands. And she has some tips for dealing with that.

“If color does stain the skin, avoid alcohol or acetone, which are harsh and drying to the skin,” she says. “Framar makes some great color removing wipes that have even worked to remove accidental drops of color on my shoes at work. I’ve also seen some stylists use removers like Malibu DDL or CPR to lift dark color that has stained their fingernails.”


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