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How to Get Michelle Obama’s Inauguration Day Silk Press

If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that Michelle Obama is an absolute goddess.

From head to toe, the former First Lady always slays when it comes to style. And Inauguration Day was no exception. Michelle Obama brought her A-game to the ceremony, sporting a gorgeous purple ensemble by Sergio Hudson for the momentous occasion. But the real showstopper was her perfectly feathered mane. Silky, shiny, and curled to perfection, Obama’s silk pressed tresses were the highlight of Inauguration Day hair.

Her strands were so good, we just had to find out more about how the glossy, gorgeous look was created. So we sat down with the icon’s hairstylist Yene Damtew to get the details on her process and the inspiration behind the look. Read on for our breakdown of Michelle Obama’s Inauguration Day hair!

MA: We absolutely LOVED Michelle Obama’s Inauguration look. What inspired you to pull this particular look together? 

YD: “There wasn’t some big inspiration so to speak. I didn’t have it planned out weeks in advance or anything. I work very close with my good friends Carl Ray and Meredith Koop on putting together an overall look. Once I saw the gorgeous Sergio Hudson pieces Meredith had picked out I knew I wanted to create a hairstyle to compliment that.”

MA: Can you walk us through the process?

YD: “I used several tools and products for this look. I started with creating curls with a one-inch barrel iron. Yes, you can achieve bigger curls with a smaller barrel! Next we did a curl set to lock in the curls. Then I used a round brush to create body and “soften” the curls. I finished it off with a feather comb for some volume and then hair spray so it would hold. Carl and I tag teamed hair and makeup at the same time to stay on schedule and it all came together beautifully. The feedback from America has been so kind and humbling. This is definitely a look any one can achieve at home with a little practice and patience.”

So, how can our readers best get the look at home? 

Want to copy the former First Lady’s look on your own? So do we. Lucky for us, Yene put together the above Instagram video, depicting her process step by step. Yene also has a coaching program for hairstylists opening soon called The Academy, where she provide small group mentoring and share behind-the-scenes of her journey and processes.⁣⁣ Bold and bouncy curls are right around the corner!

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