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Mayraki Launched a Product That Aims to Change Your Grays Back to Their Original Color — Its Cofounder Explains How It Works!

Nothing shocks us anymore. I mean, after being locked away for about a year due to a freaking pandemic, truly anything is possible. That said, when it comes to the unthinkable, reversing our grays is high on the list. So when a rep for Mayraki Professional reached out and essentially told us how to get rid of gray hair, we stared at that email for a few solid minutes before zeroing in on our curiosity.

The environmentally conscious brand launched their Anti-Gray Hair Color Restoring Treatment, aimed at reversing grays back to the hair’s original color. The brand wrote a full blog post about the detailed formula and the magic behind the final result, but we wanted to know more. After all, nothing like this has existed to us up to this point. Sunardi Tan, Director and Cofounder at Mayraki Professional, broke down everything we need to know. Keep reading for his tips on how to get rid of gray hair by way of his product!

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How the Product Works

“Mayraki has researched and developed a series of active ingredients based in herbal and eastern medicine that boost melanin production at the bulb and help stimulate the natural pigmentation of hair during regrowth,” Tan explains. “The hair is then re-pigmented and restored to its natural color. Safe for all types of hair, the formula also contains nourishing properties that moisturize the hair and make it appear and feel more youthful, shiny and voluminous.”

How the Product Got Developed

“Mayraki has thoroughly studied eastern medicine and herbal sciences,” Tan explains. “Our goal is to develop a series of natural, organic, and mostly plant-based ingredients to use in our products and scientifically prove their effectiveness. We are also inspired by ancient ‘recipes’ that illustrate how people took care of their hair in the past.” 

He adds, “For the anti-gray hair treatment, we’re motivated by consumers who have complained to us that they’re not ready for white or gray hair, but are also not comfortable with, or are allergic to, the chemicals in regular hair dyes. We’ve studied lots of traditional herbal and botanical ingredients known to slow down the hair-graying process and found the best combination so far. We’re still continuously improving our formula.” 

How to Apply the Product

There are two ways to apply, and neither require rinsing. Whether you apply to towel-dried hair or completely dried hair, you’ll want to apply a few pumps of the product onto your palm and use your fingers to gently massage your scalp and evenly spread the treatment into your hair roots. You can blow-dry and style as usual, post-application.

What to Keep in Mind Before Using the Product

To learn how to get rid of gray hair, you’ll want to use this daily. You may stop using it daily if the original hair color has been restored. You can expect to see results after 3-4 weeks. Then apply 1-2 times per week to maintain the nutritional supply to your hair roots.

“The updated formula comes in light gel form, which does not make your hair oily or greasy,” Tan assures. “However, the treatment derives its original color from an herbal extract. It causes some stains on your hand when applying, but not to worry, you can easily wash it away after the application. It’s just like what we get on our hands after arranging flowers or doing some gardening. You may use gloves if you prefer to. We advise you to use it in the bathroom and remove it immediately by running water if there are any drips on the counter or tiles. Make sure to blow-dry before going to bed to avoid stains on your pillows.”

Potential Issues You May Encounter With Use

“Some customers got rashes after using the product, which is rare,” Tan notes. “The product is made from vegan, natural, botanical extracts. But it might cause some mild skin reaction to customers who are allergic to pollen. It’s similar to when we apply raw aloe gel extracted from the plant’s leaves on our face. Always do a patch test before using it on the scalp to make sure that there will be no allergic reaction. Currently we are still actively testing and improving the formula in order to minimize the allergic issues that some customers have.”

There is also the issue of the product darkening highlighted strands. Tan advises “using product only on the areas that are specific to the gray roots, instead of applying them to whole hair strands.”

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