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How to Get the Perfect “Just Woke Up Like This” Bedhead

The days of dreading bedhead are long gone. This once feared phenomenon is quickly becoming one of fashion’s hottest trends.

Fluffed-up and lived-in, bedhead has been a supermodel staple for decades. From Cindy Crawford to Meghan Roche, fashion’s most famous faces rock this “I woke up like this” aesthetic on the reg. But these uniquely undone waves are harder to master than the name may lead you to believe. A simple good night’s sleep is sadly not the secret to a perfectly tousled mane. The pathway to lived-in, touchable tresses is a little more complicated

But don’t worry, we broke down this timeless trend so you wouldn’t have to. Find out how to get the absolute best bedhead below.

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Start with Dry Hair

The key to this look is all in the texture. Start with dry, preferably day-old, strands. This will help you achieved that lived-in look A freshly blowdried mane is way too manicured for bedhead. Before digging into the pre-styling prep work, hit your roots with a dry shampoo or a texturizing powder to add a little bit of volume and control any excess oil. Expertly tousled tresses should be grease-free.

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Apply an all-over layer of texturizing spray

When it comes to prepping your strands, stay away from hard-hold hairsprays. Opt for a texturizing product instead. Something like Playa’s Endless Summer Spray should do the trick. Light as air and ultra-effective, this sea salt-infused mist adds a boost of volume and a beachy texture to your tresses on contact. Apply the texturizing spray all over, from root to tip, feathering your locks as you spray to ensure full coverage. Once you’ve spritzed each strand, divide your strands into medium sized sections, secured with clips.

Via Sephora

Curling iron, then flat iron

To really nail this aesthetic, you’ll need both a curling iron and a flat iron. First, you’ll want to curl each section with a curling iron. Loosely wrap the section around the barrel of the iron (a 1-1 1/2″ iron is preferable) and away from the face, leaving about an inch or two of the ends out of the curl. Hold for 5 seconds. Repeat this process with the remaining sections, occasionally altering the direction of the curl.

After each section is curled, break out the flat iron (we love GHD’s Platinum + Professional Performance Styler). Bedhead is anything but put together- these perfect curls will need to be deconstructed. Using. a low heat setting, lightly go over the curls with the flat iron to soften them. Twist the iron towards or away from your face as you run it over the curls, creating random S-shaped bends as you go. Once this process is complete, smooth the ends of your mane with the iron.

Via Sephora

Apply a little product to top it all off

Now, finger comb through your finished waves. Apply a little bit of texturizing spray or a soft-hold hairspray to seal the deal, fanning out your tresses as you mist them. For added end separation, use your finger to run a teeny, tiny amount of hair paste through the ends. This will create that ideal piecey texture.

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