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Could THIS Miracle Spray Be Secret to Thicker, Fuller Hair?

Strong, healthy hair is always in–but how to get it? That’s the million dollar question, and Aveda might just have the answer. We’ve tried everything from hair growth pills to switching up our diet on the quest for uber healthy, thick hair, but could the solution be as simple as adding a thickening spray to our daily hair routine?

Sumptuous, natural hair was the theme backstage at Tibi’s Fall 2017 runway show, where Aveda’s key stylist Frank Rizzieri created a thick, face-framing look. Sighting menswear and Melanie Griffith from Working Girl as the focus for Amy Smilovic’s inspiration, Rizzieri notes, “that for the hair, it  really has to be a nothing-ingy kind of hair style… embracing the natural texture and not touching it.”

Frank Rizzieri backstage with model at Tibi Fall 2017

But, count on Rizzieri to turn nothing into a whole lot of something. The look was soft, natural, and most importantly–thick.  No matter what length or fullness of hair each model came in with, they strutted down the Tibi runway with super plush and full strands thanks to Aveda’s Thickening Tonic, which balanced out the masculinity of the clothes. 


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So how does this magical product work and how can you use it at home? Here’s Aveda’s pro artist tip: spray the Thickening Tonic on fine, flat hair, and then blow dry until the hair is completely dry. That way, the heat from the blow dry helps set the thickening powder. The Thickening Tonic then helps expand the strands from root to tip, creating instant fullness. To finish off the look, seal the ends with Aveda’s Damage Therapy Split End Repair for a mega healthy mane. We like the sound of that! You can shop Rizzieri’s backstage product picks from Aveda below.

Blonde with short hair and bangs backstage at Tibi Fall 2017

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