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When to Use Dry Shampoo, Texture Spray, and Thickening Spray for Volume

Let’s talk volume. This seems to be every girl’s most serious hair dilemma. Hairstylists everywhere are constantly being asked the same questions: How do I create volume in my hair? Which products will help my style will last all day and all night? And how am I supposed to know the order of product application?

We talked to industry expert and celebrity hairstylist Harry Josh about the best products for creating volume, texture, body, and movement in the hair. Discover his recommendations below!

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How to Create Volume in Your Hair Using Only 3 Products

Below, Harry shares his three favorite products for creating volume in the hair. No matter how flat your strands are, these three products will give you body for days.

Thickening Spray

“This is great for women with fine to medium textured hair (or even thicker hair if you really need the extra hold),” Harry says. “The spray is applied to the hair pre-blowdry to help amp up a blowout and help achieve extra shape. It basically allows you to develop extra definition and the hair reacts better to holding the shape. I like Bumble and bumble Thickening Spray.”

bumble and bumble thickening spray
(via Sephora)

Dry Shampoo

“Dry shampoo is amazing on all hair types and can be used in multiple ways,” Harry notes. “To start, it sucks up oil and extends the life of day-old hair. It also helps add lift, specifically at the roots. I would recommend it for women with finer hair as other styling products sometimes can leave a residue that can make hair look greasy. I like Klorane Dry Shampoo. Depending on whether you’re a blonde or a brunette, you should test out the formula. Some formulas can read very white on dark hair.”

klorane dry shampoo
(via Klorane)

Texturizing Spray

“This is also applied to dry hair. This helps hair achieve body and a messy, lived-in texture,” Harry says of texturizing spray. “Think models off duty or that sexy bedhead. It’s a great tool, again, for women with finer hair to get body and texture for hair that otherwise looks limp, straight, and boring. My favorite is from Serge Normant.”

serge normant dream big
(via Serge Normant)

Looking for other ways to create volume in your hair? The right haircut can make all the difference. HERE are the best cuts for thin hair that add major volume and movement!

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