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HOW-TO: Gigi Hadid’s Slicked Style by Jennifer Yepez

Safe to say our jaws dropped to see Gigi Hadid at the Sport’s Illustrated swimsuit celebration earlier this week. We know this girl can rock some serious waves, but seeing her with a slick sleek style was a welcome change. Her stylist, Jennifer Yepez broke down how she created the look…

“My inspiration came from Gigi’s outfit. On the runway the look was super slick but we didn’t want it to be too severe so we went for something that would be sporty but still feminine. 

We decided to go very tight on the sides, creating a clean look while also keeping some volume on top. I also wanted to highlight Gigi’s beautiful blonde hair color.”


1. “To achieve this look at home, first section the hair starting at the nape and evenly apply Oribe Grandiose Mousse, focusing on the root area for more of a grip to hold the style in place. Using a Mason Pearson Brush, blow dry hair flat to your head shape. 

2. Next, take another section and repeat the same process until you get to the front of the head.  When you reach the front, apply double the mousse, focusing mostly on the sides. Blow dry it again using the flat brush. 

3. When you reach the top of the head, blow dry with a round brush to create volume.  Then apply a small amount of Oribe Balm d’Or from the mid shaft to the ends of the hair and flat iron (from the mid shaft down) until it’s smooth. 

4. Once ends are smooth, apply Oribe Superfine Strong Hairspray only to the sides of the hair. Work one side at a time, spraying only the side being worked on and use the flat brush to smooth it back, following the head shape. Then move to the next side. 

5. Once done, spray the top lightly but do not brush it out in order to maintain the volume. 

6. Use two large silver clips with small pieces of paper towel underneath each clip to hold the sides in place until you are ready to leave. Once you’re all set, take off the silver clips and you’re red carpet ready!”

2 minutes

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