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How to Give Yourself a French Braid in 8 Steps

A French braid is a *relatively* easy style, but the classic look can completely elevate your hair game.

A French braid makes you look pulled together (maybe you’re conducting an orchestra later in the day) but is also casual enough for a friend outing. We checked in with Callie McWhirter, an amika pro educator, on how to DIY this versatile style. She was able to break down the look into just 8 easy to follow steps (using her own hair!) that demystify this never-again allusive braiding technique.

1. Detangle

Begin the look by detangling the hair so that you’re able to keep clean sections while French braiding. 

2. Section the hair

Create a half moon section of hair from temple to temple to about mid-way to the crown of your head.

3. Split the section

Split that half moon section into 3 evenly-sized subsections.

4. Switch-up the sections

Take the right section and put it under the middle section, making them switch places. The right section is now your middle section and the middle section is now your right section. Repeat this step with the left section and the middle section. 

5. Add in the hair

Now it’s time to start adding hair! Add a section of hair from the hair that is down to the right section in your hand to create one big section on the right. Pick back up where you left off in step 4. Put the entire right section under the middle making them switch places.

Repeat this step on the left side adding hair that is down into the left section to create one big left section. Put the left section under the middle to have them switch places, middle becomes the left and left becomes the middle. Repeat this step on both sides until all of the hair is braided.

6. Work all the hair in

Continue to move down the back of your head, adding hair to the right section before it goes to the middle and the left section before it goes to the middle, until all of your hair is in the braid. 

7. Finish with a three-strand braid

Finish the braid by doing a three-strand braid to the tail of your hair and tie it off with an elastic. 

8. Create fullness

To create fullness with your braid spray amika Un.Done Volume and Matte Texture Spray to your braid. Starting at the bottom of the braid, gently pull each loop out to create volume effect. Repeat all the way up to the top until you get the desired thickness to your braid! 

Want to double-up and add a fishtail? HERE’s how.

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