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How to Go From Blonde to Red in One Salon Visit Like Emma Roberts

They say blondes have more fun, but redheads got the last laugh tonight at the 89th Academy Awards. Case in point: Emma Roberts. The Scream Queens starlet strode down the Oscars red carpet with an equally majestic cayenne-red hair hue, a demure departure from her sun-kissed strands. Emma’s stunning new color and Old Hollywood curls, courtesy of celebrity hairstylist Nikkie Lee from 901 Salon, were the cherry on top of her vintage Armani Prive number. Read on to see how Emma went from blonde to red in one salon visit, along with how to recreate those old Hollywood curls. 


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So how does a celeb prepare for a tress transformation as major as Emma’s before the biggest night in Hollywood? We tapped Cassondra Kaeding, celebrity hair colorist from Sally Hershberger Salon in LA, for her tips for going blonde to red in one salon visit like Emma. Rule one: Consider skin tone and eye color. “For people with peachy warm undertones or brown/green eyes, go for a strawberry blonde. And for clients with more cool/red undertones or blue/green eyes, go for a golden copper red,” Cassondra advises. The key to creating a perfect redhead? Gold. Cassondra notes, “Gold is necessary in a red hair formula because it anchors the red/copper and helps make the color look consistent from root to ends.” Don’t forget to show your colorist the shade of red you’re considering during the consultation to ensure the red result is nothing short of ravishing.

Keep reading for Nikki Lee’s steps, including the products she used, to get Emma’s glamorous curls.


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  1. Every great style starts with a good shampoo and conditioner. I used ABBA Color Protect Shampoo and Conditioner after coloring Emma’s hair this morning. Since it’s color protectant, it helped to really lock in her cayenne spice red.
  2. First, I lightly towel dried her hair and applied a mixture of ABBA Smoothing Blow Dry Lotion and ABBA Thermal Protect Spray to give the hair shine.
  3. After the blowout, I lightly sprayed ABBA Thermal Protect Spray again, separated Emma’s hair into the desired deep side part and divided it into three sections to set it: the back and two sides. I started on one side of her head and began wrapping small pieces around a 1” curling iron from the tip to the root.
  4. I secured each piece with a clip to set the curl and repeated on the other side and finished in the back, making sure the hair was curled in the same direction.
  5. Once the hair was all set, I let the it set and cool for 15 minutes. I took the set out and started gently brushing with a Mason Pearson Paddle Brush throughout the whole head to create the perfect Hollywood glam.
  6. Once I was happy with my shape, I locked it in with ABBA Firm Finish Hair Spray.


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