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So You’re Tired of Your Curtain Bangs? Here’s How to Cheat the Grow-Out Process

Curtain bangs had their day in the sun during the lockdown in 2020. Now that things are opening back up, many are starting to regret trying out the trend themselves. The bangs were fun while they lasted, though they’ve lost their luster quite a bit. Just ask Covet & Mane founder Dafina Smith, who has been in the process of growing out her curtain bangs since she got them.

“I was tempted by the lure of curtain bangs,” she tells Mane Addicts. “The problem? Curtain bangs look great on clean, fluffy, straight hair. Any sign of humidity, texture, or frizz renders you looking like little orphan Annie. As someone who doesn’t wash their hair more than once a week, curtain bangs were a horrible three-month stretch of my life that I will most likely convince myself to do once again.”

Smith isn’t the only one regretting her curtain bangs. There are a number of people on TikTok sharing how much they regret chopping their strands. And they are not holding back on their disdain for these trendy bangs. Smith has an interesting theory as to why this is the case.

“The 2020 re-incarnation of curtain bangs were, in my humble opinion, an emotional response to living in the equally torturous but alternate version of Jean-Paul Sartre’s hell,” she notes. “His version of hell was a room with no mirrors and other people. Our 2020/21 version of hell was social isolation and Zoom, Facetime, and Insta Stories as a constant reminder of our appearance. So, it is forgivable, but not surprising, that many of us are trying to grow out the 2020 curtain bang trend.”

Unfortunately, growing out curtain bangs isn’t as easy as we were all lead to believe. We thought they were low-maintenance, but the grow-out process isn’t. If you want to grow out your curtain bangs fast, Smith recommends using extensions. They’re the easy way to seamlessly hide your grown-out curtain bangs. She specifically recommends using hand-tied hair.

“Hand-tied hair extensions really allow for you to have a seamless grow out of your curtain bangs,” she says. “Applying hand-tied hair near the temple or crown of your head can be tricky because it’s often where we have the least amount of density and the most amount of visibility. Cue the hand-tied hair. The weft is handmade and virtually seamless so it allows you to create impact with density, but without bulk. In particular, Covet & Mane’s patented cut-point wefts allow for stylists to precisely cut the extensions exactly where they need, which removes the need to use adhesive agents to secure the hair and prevent unraveling.”

How to Cheat the Grow-Out Process for Curtain Bangs

For those of you eager to add some extensions to your strands in order to hide your curtain bangs, Smith has you covered. She shared her step-by-step process for adding them to the crown of your head.

“It’s all about the placement of your first row of The Method by Covet & Mane,” she begins. “Our technique of installing your hair extensions allows you to hide the line of your curtain bang by placing at least four hand-tied wefts about one inch behind your part line and angling them in a way that frames your face.”

Smith then highlights the importance of blending the extensions into your strands. “When blending extensions into your hair, you’d ideally texturize a few pieces just underneath the line of your current bangs. This provides a bridge for your bangs to blend with your new bang-free set of extensions.”

How to Hide Curtain Bangs Without Extensions

Whether you’re not a fan of extensions or too scared to try them, there are a number of other methods you can use to hide your curtain bangs. Smith shares a few:

  1. Use chunky and bright barrettes to pull back the bangs and create the 3/4 down 1/4 up style.
  2. You can do a high pony and secure the bangs with said bright and chunky barrettes.
  3. Twist the bangs back into a two-strand twist and secure with a bobby pin.
  4. Embrace the Lauren Conrad pouf and call it 2003.

Need even more ways to hide your curtain bangs? HERE are seven ways to do just that!

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