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How to Hair Contour, Based on Your Hair Color

Yes, you read that right. Say hello to hair contouring, spring’s latest glowy color trend.

Taking a little inspiration from the makeup world, hair contouring is all about purposeful color placement to frame the face. Using a combination of free-hand application and highlights, hair contouring plays with light and shadow in a way that adds depth and dimension to your natural bone structure. Put simply, this bespoke color service accentuates your features in an oh-so-subtle way. No wonder Hair TikTok is already all over it.

But when it comes to contouring, working with the base color is absolutely essential. Here’s how to contour your hair, based on its current color.


Contouring on a blonde base means going all in on some platinum pieces. You’ll want to opt for a shade or two lighter than your natural hue for the pieces directly around the face. For those with longer faces, leaving the roots dark and adding lighter locks around the ears can help create a rounder shape. On the other hand, brightening the roots and highlighting with a more muted honey tone around the sides of the face can elongate its shape.


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Light Brunette

With a light brunette base, a subtle gradient can go a long way. High contrast isn’t necessary for contouring with this underlying hue. A gorgeous, warm honey color beginning a few inches from the crown can add dimension and natural glow. A gradient like this also softens the jaw area, ideal for those with more square-shaped features.

Medium Brunette

A mid-tone brunette calls for a caramel contour. Miranda Kerr knows exactly what she’s doing with these precisely placed highlights. Beginning just lightly at the root, a few honey-colored strands frame her natural face shape, while additional highlights around the ear work to lengthen and accentuate her bone structure.


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Deep Brunette

Subtle but stunning, Marianna Hewitt uses a trio of warm tones to contour her espresso strands. Leaving her roots dark, Marianna adds a little bit of light around the face and throughout her ends, highlighting her jaw. This combination of contouring looks so natural.


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Redheads always get to have a little more fun when it comes to cool girl color trends. Working with a true red base, add brighter copper tones around the eye-level and ears as desired. This color combination creates a gradient that pops, framing the features in a subtle way.


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