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How To Get Huda Beauty’s Sleek Blonde Hair

With the release of our Mane Muse Huda Beauty feature, fall is off to a slay-worthy start. Lights, camera, DRAMA. Celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton transformed the makeup mogul’s mane via two looks—XXL ponytails à la Lady Gaga at the Mugler show in Paris, and a platinum blonde sleek style that Huda’s dreamt of since she was a little girl. “Wigs are so fun to shoot, because there’s no confinement to the hair, and they’re a good way to try out a look before committing to it,” Chris told us. We couldn’t agree more. Want to experience #TheHudaEffect for yourself, no strings attached? Here, Chris breaks down the steps, including the products, to creating our muse’s hairstyles.

How To: XXL Pigtails

  1. Prep hair with with Color Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray to make it really smooth
  2. Apply Color Wow Pop & Lock for shine
  3. Add two different color hair extensions from The Hair Shop to make it look more natural
  4. Wrapped the hair extensions around base of her natural ponytails
  5. Spray OUAI Soft Hair Spray on a brush then run through the hair to smooth flyaways

How To: Blonde Wig

  1. Blow dry the hair smooth with Color Wow Coconut Cocktail to reinfoce the bonds and make super shiny
  2. Apply Oribe Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil then flat iron hair in small sections for gloss
  3. Braid hair as flat as possible
  4. Apply the wig while anchoring it with wig clips around the hair line


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