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HOW-TO: Jennifer Lopez’s Top Knot By Juan Carlos Maciques

The always gorgeous Jennifer Lopez nailed another perfect hair day with her super-chic top knot created by celebrity hairstylist Juan Carlos Maciques of New York’s Rita Hazan salon. JLo donned the sleek bun for the Miami press tour for her new movie, The Boy Next Door. Maciques dishes on how to get the fashion-forward look at home.


1. Start by prepping the hair with Oribe Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse.

2. Blow dry the hair, making sure to create a lot of body for a good foundation.

3. Place the hair on top of the head above the crown to create a modern, standout bun.

4. After the hair is knotted, use a curling iron to sculpt the bun.

5. Pin hair to secure it in the desired shape.


Be sure to follow Juan Carlos Maciques on Instagram for more #manespiration.


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