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How to Create Joan Smalls’ Textured Pony by Jennifer Yepez


Joan Smalls attended last nights Vanity Fair Oscar Party sporting an amazing textured ponytail. She and stylist Jennifer Yepez worked together to find the perfect look to pair with her edgy cutout Balmain outfit. We think they nailed it! To get the look for yourself follow Jennifer’s steps below!

Get the look:

1. “I began by spraying Orlando Pita Volumizing Mist section by section and blow drying the hair with a large round brush.

2. Next, I used a T3 One Inch Curling Iron adn curled the hair section by section, leaving the ends out.

3. I then applied Serge Normant Dream Big Volumizing Spray all over to give it even more volume and texture.

4. Then I pulled the hair into a ponytail and used a hook elastic to secure it.  I wrapped a small piece of the ponytail around the elastic to cover it and then secured it with a hair pin.

5. I applied a small amount of Phyto Phytolisse Ultra Glossing Serum to the ends and then finished with Serge Normant Meta Luxe Hairspray.”

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