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HOW-TO: Kate Beckinsale’s Bouffant by Sascha Breuer

A true Mane Master has touched many heads of hair in their career, and created a countless number of styles, but one has to wonder if they ever have a favorite. We asked Sascha Breuer to break down one of his all time most memorable look and he knew just the thing: Kate Beckinsale at the Qingdao Oriental Movie Metropolis Launch Ceremony in China. This look channels 60’s glam, a perfect party style.

Whenever creating a hairstyle for an event, taking into consideration what one will be wearing is key. Sascha explained…

“Her first look for the day was an ultra chic two-piece Oscar de la Renta Spring 2014 ivory dress with a black jersey waist, which was pepped up with red-hot Brian Atwood ‘Cassandra’ pumps.

To complete the look I styled her hair in a cinematic 60s inspired bouffant using a high gloss headband to hold it in place, whilst leaving out some delicate loose curls to keep the look fresh and modern.

Almost everybody looks good with this style, as the volume, height and loose texture is always a winner. The only time you should be aware of this style not suiting you is if you have a very long face shape or a very high forehead – you should style it with less volume on top and should wear it with a low side swept fringe

Before you start I recommend smoothing your hair texture by using a straightener on a low heat setting. The Braun Sensocare styler works really well, as it automatically adjusts the temperature to the needs of your hair for ultimate protection. Use a drop of Wella Oil Reflections to add ultimate healthy shine and smoothness.

Continue by taking one inch sections of hair from around the crown, backcombing each section at a time from the mid lengths of your hair down to your roots, then spray each section lightly with hairspray such as Wellaflex for flexible hold. If you want to go extra large, pin in a hair cushion for extra volume. Next, take the backcombed hair, lightly smooth it and gather and fold it over the hair cushion  and secure the ends with curby grips / bobby pins. To finish the look add a stylish headband and mist with more hairspray to keep your style in place all day and night.

There are many ways to wear the beehive look – but always remember- the less preened the better. Be sure to create a sexy loose style, rather than overworking it, to achieve the best results. A good spritz of hairspray will help you keep the beehive in place so don’t worry about backcombing every last hair to achieve this look!

More so than other styles, this look will always benefit from a little practice before its big debut so book in some time to try it out!”

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