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HOW-TO: Kate Beckinsale’s Classic Hollywood Met Ball Waves by Creighton Bowman

Kate Beckinsale showed off her classic beauty with old Hollywood waves at Monday night’s Met Gala. Hairstylist Creighton Bowman shared with us how he created her look.

kate beckinsale met gala old hollywood waves


1. Starting with damp hair, Creighton used the T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i Dryer and a blowout spray to rough dry the hair

EXPERT TIP: If you have straight to wavy hair, and want your curls to last through the night, rough dry it instead of blowing out with round brush. This will ensure the cuticle stays intact, and the curls will last longer!

2. Creating a deep side part, Creighton sectioned the hair into 4 parts. Starting with hair at the back/bottom of the head, Creighton took 1’’ horizontal sections and curled using the T3 BodyWaver 1.75” Styling Iron all in the same direction. After each curl, he pinned with a bobby pin to hold in place.

3. Next, moving to the front/top sections, Creighton curled 1” horizontal sections with the T3 SinglePass Twirl 1.25” curling iron all in the same direction, continuing to pin the curls as he went.

4. Once her hair was set, he took pins out and spritzed whole head with brushable hairspray and lightly brushed out with T3 Paddle Brush.

5. Next, Creighton brushed back one side of the hair and smoothed and secured with bobby pins.

6. To keep waves in place while her makeup was being finished, Creighton placed duck bill clips horizontally, going along with the waves.

EXPERT TIP: Duck bill clips are best for these purposes because they won’t create marks in the hair.

7. To finish, Creighton sprayed whole head with hairspray and removed pins.

2 minutes

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