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Keep Hair Sun-Kissed Year Round, According to These 6 Colorists

So summer is officially wrapped and while, you’ve adjusted your autumnal coffee order and coped with the changing seasons, your highlights are fading – and that’s just not something you can accept.

According to a survey of 1,000 women by DeVries Global and market research firm Dynata, 79% of blondes want their summer highlights to last well beyond summer and 64% of women will do everything they can (e.g. dyeing their hair, using a lightening shampoo, etc.) to keep their hair looking sun kissed and bright. As we all let out a universal, “duh,” just know that we’ve got you when it comes to staying golden all year. Here’s how celeb stylists keep their clients in a perpetual state of sunkissed.

Enhance Your Highlights with Shine

“ My favorite part of the year is fall… this is when I start revitalizing my clients summer hair and getting them ready for warmer richer tones. Shimmer Lights Leave-in Styling Treatment is a MUST HAVE!!! It turns that dry summer hair in to the most beautiful silky and shiny hair!  One of my favorite products to use after I lighten hair is the Shimmer Lights Violet Toning Mask! It tones my blondes perfectly while adding deep conditioning and shine! So quick and easy to use, I just apply it to towel dried hair after I shampoo it, leave in for 5 minutes, and then rinse!

One thing my clients don’t play about is their natural curls! So when I get ready to do my signature silk press and style, Shimmer Lights Thermal Shine Spray is all I need! Not only does it protect the hair from frizz, but it enhances my blondes and browns with shine! I simply spray a few pumps before I blow dry, and then a few more as a finishing spray!“


– Clairol Professional Top Artist Oliver Adams



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Trim and Tone

“The best thing about sunkissed hair is that it is low maintenance. I do still recommend every 6-8 weeks to go back into your stylist to trim your hair and have your hair toned again as the tone will beginning to change due to many environmental factors. During these touch-up appointments, you may also need to added a couple more pops of highlights in the hair in areas where the sun naturally hits. Every other appointment would be your whole head highlight/free hand painted appointment. This will keep the light areas of the hair far enough up on the hair strand to reflect the most natural sunkissed effect.

– Celeb Stylist Guy Tang



Keep It Simple

“To keep your hair sunkissed year round, keep your highlight routine simple. Embrace your roots and have your hairstylist add highlights around your face and hairline. The part of this hair color style that brings it together as a natural, long lasting color look is the hair color that is used to blend the high lights and your natural darker roots. For example, if your natural roots are a dark brown, add caramel highlights, then a natural or golden blonde around the face and on the ends. To keep the look fresh all year round, shampoo with a blonde color correcting shampoo and have your hair color reapplied 3-4 times a year.”

Celebrity Hairstylist and Author, Monaé Everett



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Color Should Contain Flecks of Light

“Showing off a sunkissed look year round is all about having a strong face frame and dimension through for blondes. For brunettes and redheads it’s key to make sure there are flecks of light and depth marbled throughout the hair.

To achieve thee looks I use my signature Balayaged Colormelt® technique. It allows me to customize each clients hair color so that every one looks unique, special.”

– Celeb Colorist Chad Kenyon


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Condition and Take Your Hair Vitamins

“Whether you truly have natural hair that has been ‘kissed by the sun’ or it’s something you have asked your stylist to achieve for you, it’s important to know how to make it last! Typically, the lighter pieces are around your hairline and ends, which can mean the hair is more fragile, or needs a stronger conditioner or mask, like Joico’s Kpak line. This ensures those light pieces won’t break or split allowing your color to last! Don’t forget how important it is to fortify your hair from within as well! I recommend all my clients to use HUM Hair Sweet Hair vitamins for growth and healthy color maintenance.”

– Senior Nine Zero One Salon Stylist and Celeb Stylist Jill Buck.



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Get Glossed

“Sunkissed hair is normally very reflective and has little babylights that sparkle higher up closer to the roots that melt into more prominent ribbon like highlights towards the ends. To keep the color full of shine and reflective, I would say getting a (shades eq) gloss every 6 weeks in between lightening services to keep the sun kissed effect going!”

– Celeb Stylist Matt Rez


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