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HOW-TO: Kerry Washington’s Romantic Emmy Waves

Kerry Washington is never one to disappoint on the red carpet, and last night’s Emmy Awards were no exception. With a gorgeous silver dress and deep side part, Kerry’s chocolate mane took us back to the roaring 20’s. Celebrity Hairstylist Takisha Sturdivant-Drew lets us in on how she created her look below.

 Kerry Washington Emmys

“From the moment I saw Kerry’s Marc Jacobs  dress for the Emmys I instantly thought period, with a very modern twist of a roaring 20’s. However, the dress has a lot of details in it, so I didn’t want to do something that was over powering when it came to her hair because the dress says it all. My inspiration was a simple, yet period hairstyle so I gave her soft sexy waves. Simplicity is everything, so if anyone can pull it off that is Kerry!”

“To get Kerry’s soft sexy waves,I shampooed her hair with Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo which instantly removes heavy dulling and residue off of the hair. It was really important that I used Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Mask to condition her hair because it is an intensive moisture treatment which restores shine and leaves the hair so soft and lustrous. After I rinsed the conditioner out thoroughly, I toweled dried her hair. Secondly, I put in a dime size of the Neutrogena Triple Moisture Silk Touch Leave In Cream to her damp hair. I rubbed it through Kerry’s hair evenly by starting at the roots and working my way to the ends. This will keep her hair soft all day without any fly away strands or frizz and the shine is unbelievable as you can see.”

“Now the styling begins, I blow dried her hair with a comb attachment on high to smooth out all of her strands. Then I parted her hair down the middle into two sections and took large pieces of her hair and flat ironed it. Finally to create her simple, natural, effortless, soft sexy wave I parted her hair on the right side because I wanted the hair fall over her left eye. Then I used my 1-inch hot tools curling iron and wrapped medium strands of the hair starting at the root loosely around the curling iron for 5 seconds. I did this clock and counter clock wise with the iron throughout her hair to pump up the curls into a wavy style. Then I pinned her hair under to shorten her length with my large size matte black bobbi pins. Lastly, I finalized her simple sexy waves with my fingers.”


“When trying to achieve this look, you have to always start with a great quality shampoo and conditioner. But nothing that’s going to weigh the hair down. I don’t believe in putting a lot product in the hair meaning sprays and gels. I love for the hair to move and have a lot of natural body with an amazing shine. If you’re trying to create this look at home, the secret to this hairstyle is sexy waves works best on medium length hair.”

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