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HOW-TO: Kim Kardashian’s New Haircut and Grammy’s Look

When it comes to a good beauty transformation, the Kardashians never disappoint. However, we were still shocked to discover that Kim K had traded her signature long locks for a very on trend shoulder grazing lob with lots of texture cut by Andy Lecompte stylist, Gregory Russell. Russell explained, “she wanted to change things up so we decided on this short look for her. It’s a blunt cut that falls just below the shoulders and with a little bit of a bang. This cut is very versatile and looks great pin straight or worn in wavy french it-girl style.”

“I think that I wanted a change and Kylie inspires me a lot,” says Kim, “and Kylie used to have her hair like this and then she went long, so I just felt like I needed to switch it up a little.” (MTV.com)

This new look on Kim brings out a much more edgy side to her. Her hairstylist Michael Silva agrees stating, “that’s exactly the right word: edgier. With the haircut, our inspiration for the look was that fashion muse, Kate Moss, for the Grammys. Our inspiration was some editorial images I had pulled of Moss. [Kim] was so glamorous with the gown that we wanted to keep it fashion-forward. A cool, fresh, timeless kind of girl.” (Fashionista.com


1. “I began by applying Shu Uemura Ample Angora Volumizing Mousse layered with Bumble and bumble Surf Spray.  

2. On the ends I used Kerastase Touché Finale Serum.  

3. I rough dried the hair then set it in an S wave.  

4. I used a little flat iron and finished with the Kardashian Pure Glitz Hairspray.”

Has Kim inspired you to take the leap and go short? Be sure to check out our guide for going short with great tips from celebrity stylists Adir Abergel and Ric Pipino.

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