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How to Create Lala Anthony’s Shimmery Wet Hair

Mane Master Netty Jordan created a shimmery wet figure eight twist for Lala Anthony’s hair that she rocked for Rihanna’s third annual Diamond Ball. We got the scoop straight from Netty–including all of the late night phone calls and text messages she had with Lala where they went over the inspiration behind the look which she describes as “chic and timeless [but] with a fun twist.” 

To let you know how you can recreate the shimmery ‘do at home, Netty shared the key products she used as well as a step by step breakdown of the look. Keep reading to find out how you can rock Lala’s shimmery wet hairstyle from the Diamond Ball.

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Mizani Therasmooth Sleek Guard

R+Co Tinsel Smoothing Oil

R+Co Vicious Strong Hold Flexible hairspray

Mizani True Textures Style Refresher Milk

Indique Hair Extensions

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer + diffuser

Flat iron

Hair elastics

Bobby pins

Lala Anthony's Shimmery Wet Hair How To Diamond Ball
(via Netty Jordan)


  1. Prep damp hair with Mizani Therasmooth
  2. Using Dyson blowdryer and a brush, blow dry the hair straight
  3. Section the hair and spray Mizani Therasmooth then use the flat iron to straighten the hair
  4. Establish a center part and then section the hair horizontally
  5. Take the bottom section of the hair and secure into a ponytail using a hair elastic
  6. Take the top section of the hair and smooth and secure into the established ponytail
  7. Using hair extensions, wrap the extensions around the ponytail for exaggerated length. Netty used Indique Hair Extensions on Lala’s hair.
  8. Once set, scrunch style refresher milk into the length of the pony then layer R+Co’s Tinsel Oil
  9. Spray R+Co’s  Vicious Hairspray to set the hair
  10. Finish drying the hair using a defuser
  11. Take the ponytail and wrap into a figure 8, leaving the ends of the hair at the bottom of the figure 8 out and use Bobby pins to hold the style in place
  12. Finish off the look by dusting a loose shimmer and fine glitter powder over the hair

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