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How To Look Chic AF While Working Out

Don’t sweat the small stuff when it comes to looking bomb dotcom at the gym. We’re spilling our pretty little secrets to help you stay chic af while kicking butt in tomorrow morning’s spin class.

Bobby Pin Art

Slay with a sleek side pony and never worry about adjusting stray hairs in downward dog again. Part hair deep to one side and secure at the base of the neck. Secure strands on one side with visible bobby pins for a modern way to dress up your ‘do.

Bubble Pony

Pump up your pony with a voluminous twist on typical gym hair. Rock a bubble ponytail for a fun and modern take on a classic pony.

Blonde Double Braids

Channel your inner Sporty Spice and rock a double dose of French braids that will take you from Barry’s Bootcamp to brunch without a touch up.

Knotted Pony

This knotted pony is where it’s at for girls who want to one up everyone at the gym. It’s unique, unexpected and knot that difficult to achieve.

Chic Black Headband Fashion Week

A simple black headband at the gym is how we’d imagine Blair Waldorf would rock workout hair if she ever deigned to set foot inside an Equinox. Lucky for us, we can channel the chic Upper East Sider by slicking back baby hairs while we bust a move in dance cardio

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