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How to Make 2017 the Year of Great Hair


01 . 04 . 17
Justine Marjan

Justine Marjan

Editor at Mane Addicts
As Editorial Director of Mane Addicts, Justine was enlisted as one of two to create the site in Jen Atkin's vision from the very beginning. A hairstylist for over 10 years, she loves all things beauty and fashion. She enjoys traveling the globe, long flights sans internet, and a good sheet mask.
Justine Marjan

Taylor Hill Voluminous Sexy Side Swept Hair

We’ve all had bad hair days and good hair days, but what can we do to be sure our hair stays looking fresh all year round? Below we’ve listed a few hair ‘rules’ to follow to make sure 2017 reaps your best hair yet!


Ensuring your mane’s game is stronger than ever means you have to be willing to change (for the better). Don’t be too attached to your length, cut, color, or texture, especially if you don’t get compliments on it on the reg. If you aren’t happy with your stylist or colorist, start looking for someone new. It’s easy to stay attached to what’s comfortable, but if it’s not working, get moving! Compliment strangers with your dream hair and find out who they go to. This way you know the person you are seeing already does work you like. Take their recommendations on what will suit you and your lifestyle best.



You wouldn’t just walk into a random restaurant and blindly eat whatever they give you, so why would you walk into a random salon and see a stranger? Make sure you research who you are seeing. Check out reviews, their website, and their Instagram to make sure it is someone that will understand your personal brand. If their aesthetic already lines up with yours, it will be much easier to communicate what you want.



Save images online and in magazines of your dream hair so you have references of what you like and don’t like. Create a board on Pinterest or an album on your phone for quick reference to make sure you always have your inspo ready to keep you and your stylist motivated and on the same page.



A little something interesting here and there is great, but not many people look back on their photos of an asymmetrical mohawk and say that’s the best they’ve ever looked. Stick with something classic and flattering that will grow out seamlessly for your best hair day insurance.



Splurging on great haircare is worth the investment, especially if your hair is damaged or has lost it’s luster. A great conditioner and deep conditioner will keep your mane healthy, while solid hair care products won’t dry out your hair. Experiment what combinations are best for you, or try out trial sizes of luxe hair care products to figure out what is best for your mane.



Instead of curling or straightening your hair every day, find ways to make your natural texture work. Try ultra moisturizing products to even out unruly texture or get a Brazilian Blowout or Keratin treatment to make your hair more manageable. Fought your hair too much, you don’t even know what it looks like natural? Let it air dry after shampooing and conditioning without brushing it or putting too much product in one day to see what it does. You may be pleasantly surprised.



Whether you color your hair regularly or are a artificial hair color virgin, a gloss will work wonders on your mane, sans commitment. Talk to your stylist about doing a demi or semi-permanent gloss to add shine and luster to your locks in between appointments. Some colorists can even add a tint of color for added richness and dimension.


What’s your secret to great hair? Spill the deetz in the comments below!

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