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NEED TO KNOW: A Recipe For Hair Growth

long hair caramel highlights

We’ve all had someone in our life cursed with hair loss. Whether it was permanent or temporary, from stress, hormones, or disease, hair loss can be shocking and traumatic when it happens. Even if you’re not dealing with this issue, sometimes we just want need thicker, fuller strands! We love to think there’s a cure for everything- and while prevention and taking care of ourselves are our best bets, we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve in time of crisis. We reached out to a friend of Mane Addicts who recently grew a thick, full mane miraculously and was willing to share her secrets.

beachy long hair

Whether this is an issue you deal with or you simply lust for long, full strands- this is our new favorite hair cocktail you’ve got to try!


With all vitamin and mineral supplements we suggest opting for high quality, organic ingredients. For more on supplements for hair and beauty look here.


Loestrin birth control crushed into Nioxin Scalp Shampoo.  Scrub into scalp and then rinse.

Do you have a secret hair growth formula or trick? Sound off in the comments!

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