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How to Easily DIY Your Next Scrunchie

“I own too many scrunchies,” said no one, ever! But the only thing better than your array of delightfully designed, store-bought hair accessories are the ones you make yourself! If you’re wondering how to make hair scrunchies, look no further because we scoured the web for the most doable how-tos.

So what are you waiting for? Get to watching and prepare to impress your pals!

Fabric Scraps for the Win

For a first-time YouTuber, this user knocked her debut video out of the park. With more than 4 million views, this simple DIY utilizes fabric scraps within minutes!

One Accessory, Two Options

This YouTuber understands that not everyone is skilled with a sewing machine. Therefore, she offers two ways to create your new favorite hair accessory.

For the Sewing Skilled

Let’s say you aren’t totally intimidated by the sewing machine—this video is for you! The super comprehensive how-to will take you through the process painlessly.

Too Cute, Too Easy

This DIY also requires someone experienced with the sewing machine, but if that’s you, you’ll love this tutorial pared down to mere seconds of information. And may we add that her print of choice is giving us major inspo right now!

@heychlocat Scrunchies are a great hand sewing project, too!! #scrunchies #diyscrunchie #selftaught #sewingtutorial #sewingforbeginners #sewingprojects #fyppppp ♬ Aesthetic Girl – Yusei

Silky Surprise

Once again, you’ll need a sewing machine, but once you get past that hurdle, the rest is a breeze. You’ll also love the luxe vibe of these silk-like accessories. We see holiday gifts on the horizon!

@dianlwng how to make a scrunchie #fyp #foryou #diy #sewing #tiktoku ♬ Renee – Sales

There are scrunchies, and then there are balloon scrunchies. Read all about the trend HERE!

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