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HOW-TO: Maria Sharapova’s Chic Met Gala Ponytail By Adir Abergel

maria sharapova met gala 2016 adir abergel bejeweled ponytail bubble ponytail red carpet ponytail

Just when we were running low on ponytail inspo, Maria Sharapova shook things up with a gleaming, gold-accented ‘do we already plan on wearing this weekend. Adir Abergel, the mane maven behind Maria’s three-tiered look tells us, “The inspiration for Maria’s hair really went back to the simplicity of the dress. I loved the architecture of it and how it highlighted her curves. I weaved a gold cord into a simple chic ponytail, adding that man-made artisan component to it.”  We’re all about this ‘do, because the possibilities with it are endless—incorporate any cord in your favorite color and material and switch out for different occasions. Keep scrolling for Adir’s five-step guide to Maria’s simple yet stunning Met Gala style.

chic ponytail maria sharapova ashley rubell met gala beauty ponytail how to red carpet worthy hair  


  1. Begin by prepping the hair with Pai Shau Biphasic Infusion Spray and round brush around the face and at the crown, keeping a messy middle part where the hair naturally falls. 
  2. Take a 1-inch section of hair along the part, following the direction just above and behind the ear. Use a piece of thick, gold cord to begin wrapping around the piece of hair. 
  3. Tie your wrap when the strand reaches back to the middle of your head. Repeat the gold wrap in the same position on the other side. 
  4. Bring everything together into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck. Tie first with a regular hair elastic to keep secure. 
  5. Then wrap around the elastic with gold cord, keeping it about 1-inch thick. Repeat wrapping the cord down the pony tail as far along desired.

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