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How to Master an At-Home Blowout- 7 Essentials You Need

We speak for every Mane Addict when we say we’re looking forward to our first salon appointment post-quarantine. Cuts, color, quality styling services- we can’t wait to get back in the chair ASAP.

But while some salons are starting to re-open, others are keeping doors closed for just a little while longer. For those of us with a few more salon-less weeks on our COVID-calendars, the DIY-ing continues. What’s on this weeks agenda? Mastering the at-home blowout. That’s right, your favorite styling process is way simpler than it may seem. With just a few perfect products you can get supermodel volume from the comfort of your own home.

Whether you’re waiting on re-openings or just enjoying the DIY trend, check out these 7 essentials you need to master the the at-home blowout.

Perfect Your At-Home Blowout

HERE is how you give yourself a buzzcut at home

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