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How to Master Taylor Swift’s “Evermore” French Braid

At this point, Taylor Swift is a hair icon.

From ultra-glam waves to platinum shags and everything in-between, the hitmaker has never had a bad hair day. Trust us, we’re experts. Her latest and greatest mane moment was captured on the cover of “Evermore,” the singer’s surprise folk album that dropped in early December. This perfectly wispy, woodland-inspired style immediately captured our attention. Tousled and textured, this braid was so nuanced but so simple– we just had to figure out how to get this look on our own. And that’s just what we did. You’re welcome.

Read on to find out how you can recreate Taylor’s folksy French braid below!


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The Prep

The secret to this simple braid is all in the prep work. A messy-chic braid is no simple feat– it takes some careful plaiting and a decent amount of product to look this undone. Start with next-day, unwashed hair. We’re going for effortless, not pretty and polished. Then, add a little sea salt or texturizing spray throughout (our favorites can be found here). Focus on the ends of your strands as you spritz. This will help you achieve the ultimate piece-y look. You may want to run just a smidge of styling pomade to the ends of your hair to help aid your braiding. Once this prep work is complete, you’re ready to braid!

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The Braid

Taylor’s “Evermore” plait is a French braid, so you’ll start by sectioning off a piece of hair at the top of your head, right by the temples, as if you’re creating a half-up, half-done style. Split this section into 3 smaller sections no more than an inch wide. First, cross the sections over and under one another just as you would completing a normal braid. Once you’ve completed the first plait, begin to add in tiny portions of the unincorporated hair as you go. This should not be precise– the secret to an undone braid like this one is an effortless hand. Vary the size of the pieces you incorporate into the braid, and don’t worry about smoothing out bumps or bulges.

Continue this pattern until every piece of hair is incorporated, then braid the remaining length of your hair and band with an elastic. Once you have your braid completed, go through each plait and loosen it a little bit, lightly pulling on the folded strands. This creates a lighter, less structured, look.


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The Bangs

Once your braid is complete, it’s time to turn to the bangs. Taylor’s wispy, windswept fringe really pulls this aesthetic together. First, pull a few, teeny, tiny strands of hair of the braid around the face, focusing on the areas around your temples and ears. Next, hit that fringe with a little dry shampoo (we love IGK’s First Class dry shampoo for this), especially at the roots. Scrunch and tousle your fringe with your hands. If you have naturally straight hair, you may want to give your fringe a bit of a bend with a curling iron, for a more lived-in shape.

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And bam. There it is. The quintessential wandering-through-the-woods “Evermore” plait. Brb, buying a flannel and guitar.

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