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Everything You Need to Know About Crimping Your Hair

My love for crimps started early. Sometime between elementary and junior high, my favorite hair tool was an electric purple and white Conair styler with interchangeable panels—one was for ironing and the other way more fun option was for crimps. This crimper was everything, and then all of a sudden I stopped crimping. It wasn’t intentional, but the trend definitely shifted from loose and voluminous to sleek and ironed pin straight—from the late ’90s to early ’00s everything reined in, including hair.

Thankfully, trends come full circle. The crimper is back, updated and just as sophisticated as any iron. Celebrity hairstylist and ghd ambassador Justine Marjan talks us through her favorite tool in this category: ghd’s Contour Crimper and reveals her tips on how to use it.

Crimp Trend

(image via ghd)


Justine agrees that there’s nothing like a fresh take on a much-loved style of years past, especially one as versatile as the crimp trend. “I love the revival of the early 2000’s,” Marjan tells us. Enhancing a style with crimps is an easy way to switch up your entire look. “I love how an accent crimp can upgrade a simple hairstyle to something fun and playful,” she says.

Crimp Trend

Crimp Trend


That being said, crimps in 2017 are definitely their own thing. “We saw a lot of crimps in the ’80’s and early ’00s,” explains Marjan of the flashback style. “When I think about ’80s crimps, I see something big and teased and wild looking. When I think of the late ’90s/early ’00s, I think of something with a lot of product and stiff looking,” she describes. “Today’s modern crimp is neither of those. Think soft, playful, and understated,” Marjan adds. Don’t get it twisted, the crimp trend is totally different this time around.

Crimp Trend



To get the look, Marjan swears by the ghd Contour Crimper. There is no one way to wear crimps. You can add just a touch of texture or use the technique to make hair super full. “I love it as a playful accent in the hair,” explains Majan, adding, “but you can also use the new ghd contour ($169, available at ghdhair.com/us) to add volume to the roots and to add texture to silky strands that won’t hold a tease.”

Crimp Trend

Crimp Trend

So what are her tips for getting Gigi Hadid worthy crimps?Apply on small sections at a time to control the crimped texture, then add slowly,” explains Marjan on how she creates the look. Her favorite part of styling with crimps? “A crimp can be added to any hairstyle to give a playful twist or decorative accent,” says shares—and we couldn’t agree more. We’re sorry crimps took so long to come back, but we’re happy they’re here now! Don’t ever leave us, crimps!

So you’ve tried the crimper, but what about the straightening brush? Here’s what you need to know for effortlessly sleek strands.




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