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2 Steps to Nail TikTok’s 3D Curl Trend

First, it was bottleneck bangs, now it’s 3D curls. TikTok’s hottest hair trends in 2022 are lowkey sophistication. 

Natural hair texture is taking center stage with this amazing aesthetic. Emphasizing the multidimensional shape of curls and coils, 3D curls is all about enhancing that organic spring. But that highly sought after 3D curl pop takes more than just great genes. 

So we’re breaking down the process here, and it’s actually so simple. Check out our step-by-step guide to 3D curls below! 


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Step 1: Strong Hold Gel

On freshly washed hair, apply your favorite strong hold styling product. We’re in love with this strong hold gel from Tracee Ellis Ross’s Pattern. Section your hair, and apply liberally across the curls. Now here is the most important step: let the gel dry, creating a hard cast. Do not touch the curls while they dry. This helps maintain the ultimate shape.

(via Sephora)

Step 2: Massage the Curls

Once dry, it’s time to break the curl cast. Gently massage the curls to get that touchable bounce, scrunching as you go to maintain the shape. Refrain from finger combing the curls – you want to maintain that multidimensional definition. Massaging the curls keeps that bounce while removing the crunch of a strong hold gel.

Step 3: Shine Spray to Finish

Once you’ve massaged out your curls, add a spritz of shine spray to highlight your glossy 3D coils. It’s a 10 Miracle Shine Spray is a great go-to for finishing touches!

(via Ulta)

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