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HOW-TO: Natural Hair 7 Ways

Cesar Ramirez Natural Hair Styles

If you’re a girl with mixed or natural hair, you know that styling options can seem limited. So we teamed up with PopSugar Beauty and Mane Master Cesar Ramirez, the man behind some of our favorite performers like Jennifer Hudson and Ciara, to bring you a full week of unique and different hairstyles. While most of the hair tutorials on the web can be intimidating and impossible to manage at home, these are surprisingly easy to recreate!

So with blogger extraordinaire and natural hair beauty Grasie Mercedes, we set out for a day or #manespiration.

“It gets redundant with natural hairstyles, because everyone goes to the same (styles),” said Cesar. “I wanted to be inspired by those and put my twist on them. I don’t like to copy anything. It was incorporating the styles I normally do for upstyling into these natural styles,” Cesar tells PopSugar.

What do you think of the hairstyles? Would you try them yourselves? Let us know in the comments and be sure to tag Mane Addicts and Popsugar if you try it out!


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Behind the Scenes Photos by: Desirae Cherie

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