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HOW-TO: Nicola Peltz Waves by Bryce Scarlett

Nicola Peltz perfectly captures the effortless beauty we al lust for, so when we saw her look for last night’s V Magazine Karl Lagerfeld party, we knew we had to ask her hairstylist, Bryce Scarlett how to recreate it…

“We wanted to achieve something effortless yet still feminine to compliment Nicolas sculptural Chanel dress, so I opted for brushed loose waves.

1. Starting with wet hair, I blew her out using Phytovolume Actif Volume Spray at the roots.

2. Blow drying smooth and full, I then layerd in Sachajuan Spray Wax and Oribe Dry Texture Spray brushing through.  This gave the hair a lot of thickness so the waves would hold up as the party was on a boat.  

3. I then loosely waved the bottom 4 inches with a 1inch curling iron.

4. After I let it cool, I broke it up by brushing with a boar bristle brush.”

2 minutes

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