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How-To: Nicole Kidman’s Low Twisted Knot from the Critics’ Choice Awards by Kylee Heath

nicole kidman twisted knot critics choice awards kylee heath

Frostbit-with-bling and bearing midriff in a Brandon Maxwell, Nicole Kidman was quite a few cuts above the rest at the 22nd Critics’ Choice Awards in Los Angeles. The Lion starlet’s gown gave way to an equally gorgeous geometric hairstyle, courtesy of celebrity hairstylist Kylee Heath. The pair played with hair-down ‘dos until they reached a last-minute decision to bare Nicole’s shoulders. A low twisted knot with hair fanned out to the side was the ravishing result. Below, Kylee tells us exactly how she created the look.


nicole kidman critics choice awards 2016

  1. I started off by applying MOP Lemongrass Lift to Nicole’s roots and Pear Detangler to the ends. Then I combed the product evenly through the hair.
  2. Next, I blow-dried the hair using the Ultra Smooth™ Professional Hair Dryer and Technique™ Silk Thermal 370 1.75″ round brush to really smooth out the hair.
  3. At the crown, I blow-dried the hair in an upward motion to give it more lift.
  4. Once the hair was dry, I smoothed out the hair from mid-shaft to end with the Ultra Smooth™ Professional Styling Iron.
  5. I warmed MOP Molding Cream in my hands and used it to smooth out ends, tame flyaways and to lay down the cuticle.
  6. Then, I pulled all of Nicole’s hair back low at the nape of her neck, twisted the hair around my hand and secured it using small bobby pins, leaving the ends of the hair out so that they fanned out toward the side.
  7. Next, I sprayed C-system Firm Finish Hairspray for hold and added shine.
  8. Last, we decided to pull two small pieces of hair from the front for added softness.

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