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How to Not Wash Your Hair for 3 Days and Keep Your Blowout Perfect

If there is anything we’ve mastered as the ultimate mane addicts, it’s preserving the life of our precious blowouts for as long as possible. We have a penchant for a perfectly coifed ‘do, so we’ve bid adieu to daily showers in favor of blowout-preserving hair hacks to minimize washes. The result? Healthy, happy hair that looks bouncy and fresh three days and counting. Below, are our life-changing blowout hair hacks to extend the life of your style.

Always Use a Blow Dry Cream: $32

A blow dry cream can make or break a good blowout. A tried-and-true editor favorite is Bumble and bumble’s Thickening Great Blow Dry Cream. Just apply to damp strands before you style for a look with staying power.

Bumble and Bumble Great blow Blow Dry Creme

(via Ulta)

Braid Your Hair Before Bed

Wake up with soft, easy waves by braiding your hair before bed. This is one of our fave ways to breathe life into a dirty locks.


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Sleep on a Slip Silk Pillowcase

If you’re not sleeping on a Slip Silk Pillowcase yet, what are you doing? Not only is sleeping on silk dermatologist recommended and helps prevent aging, it’s ridiculously comfy and helps lengthen your blowout.

Spray Dry Shampoo on Fresh Hair

Dry shampoo is usually reserved for those days when your hair is looking a little greasy. However, we’ve found that dry shampoo is best used on clean hair, preventing sweaty strands before they start. Mist a little dry shampoo on your roots each morning for instant lift and freshness.


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Spritz on Heat Protection Spray to Keep Your Style in Place

For maximum hold, spritz a on Ouai’s Heat Protection Spray before you use heat tools. Heat activates the memory polymers in the formula which memorizes your style and texture until your next wash.

Ouai Heat Protection Spray

(via Ouai)

Skip Out on High Impact or Hot Workouts

Look, we’re big fans of hitting the gym, but we carefully coordinate our workout schedules to align with our social calendars. After getting a fresh blowout, we lay off the high impact workouts and hot yoga sessions in favor of stretching and long walks… because we don’t want to damage the ‘do.


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Tie Hair Up in a High Pony With Panty Hose for Volume

Tying your hair up in a high pony can add much needed volume to your hair. But if not tied properly, a terrible crease could be the death of your blowout. Instead of using a traditional hair tie, use a panty hose, a scarf, or a pair to tights to tie up your tresses.


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Wondering why your blowout falls flat fast? Discover the reason HERE!

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