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HOW-TO: NYFW SS16 Marc Jacobs x Guido Palau

Marc Jacobs NYFW SS16

MARC JACOBS ONE NIGHT ONLY. The entry sign was the first impression to blast across the social media sphere for the #marcjacobspremiere.

Bella Hadid NYFW SS16 Marc Jacobs

NYFW always saves the best for last, and the Marc Jacobs show was quite a theatrical event at the Ziegfeld theater this season, complete with playbills, popcorn, and movie posters. Varsity jackets and pop art prints were ringing past the open concession, as the audience observed the passing stars (Kendall and Bella) along the notoriously long-routed red carpet runway. 

Kendall Jenner Marc Jacobs SS16 NYFW

When it came to beauty this season, Jacobs remained tried and true amidst his red, white, and blue – always returning to Francois Nars with makeup and Guido Palau for hair. The look was far from polished. Inspired by the ‘morning after’, this un-done look took an entirely different turn from past references.

Kendall Jenner Marc Jacobs SS16 NYFW

Greasy, tired eyes and mascara-clumped lashes were accompanied by a hairstyle that looked as though you had gone dancing all night, and woken up still grimy from all the sweating on the dance floor. Palau kept the hair swept up in a disheveled way. And the unkept punk feel to the hair’s texture was held together with old hollywood brooch-like accessory clips.   

Emily Ratajkowski NYFW SS16 Marc Jacobs

To re-create this look, try saturating the hair with Redken’s Guts 10 and blow drying with a diffuser. Use your fingers to naturally pull the hair back in random sections and pin up using your favorite embellished clips to keep this messy texture beautifully tamed. 

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