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HOW-TO: Oscars Red Carpet-Ready Hair with Jill Crosby

Sleek Blowout Angelina Jolie Oscars Hair

The biggest night of Awards Season, the Oscars, is just around the corner and we’re bracing ourselves for the breathtaking glitz and glamour to come. Each year, the stars pull out all the stops to look their best—extravagant designer gowns, flawless makeup, and, our fave, fabulous hairstyles. Without the help of a glam squad, looking as glamorous as our favorite celebs do at these industry shindigs seems more like a fantasy. But what if we told you the ways to recreating red carpet-worthy looks at home? We spoke with celebrity hairstylist Jill Crosby, the mane master behind stars like Julie Bowen and Allison Janney, on how to achieve Oscar night hairdos—DIY-style. So even if you didn’t get an invite to the Oscars, your hair still looks the part. Keep scrolling for Jill’s hair secrets below!

How can we create a voluminous look for a glamorous night out?

To get a lot of volume in a short amount of time, you want to use products that expand the cuticle for a quick fix. Look for volumizing shampoos and conditioners and use a mousse, root lifter, or dry shampoo for extra fullness and lift. As a finishing touch, you can add some more body to your style by flipping your head upside down while blow-drying. This will take your hair from flat to lifted instantly.”

What about a sleek hairdo?

For sleek styles you want to eliminate as much frizz as possible. If your hair is prone to frizz or fly-aways you should be looking for frizz-reducing, smoothing shampoos and conditioners. You should also opt for a flat paddle brush when blow drying, to smooth the hair shaft from root to ends.”

Red Carpet Ponytail Chrissy Teigen Oscars

What are the 5 must-have products needed to achieve an Oscar-worthy updo?

Microfiber Towel— I always recommend drying hair with a microfiber towel to reduce breakage. Volumizing Mousse – Use this on towel-dried hair to give the hair some structure, making it easier to work with when styling. Round Brush – The shape and size of your brush will play a major part in the end result of your style (for an updo, I suggest finding one with a 2-inch barrel that will give you loose waves instead of tight curls.) No-Slip Matte Bobby Pins— I love matte bobby pins because they act in two ways, a no slip grip and there is no shine. Hair Spray – Find a formula that is buildable, allowing you to layer on as much as needed.”

What is one major do and one major don’t for creating a glamorous hairdo that will last all night long?

“Do make sure you thoroughly dry your hair before styling as it is easy to miss sections in the back and near your nape. Don’t overuse hairspray. Always allow the first mist to set and dry before adding more. This prevents the crunchy hair texture that we all hate.”

Voluminous Hair JLO Golden Globes

What’s the secret to beautiful and shiny locks?

“I love virgin coconut oil for shine. Use it as a deep conditioning treatment or on the ends of your hair to help lock in moisture and give you a healthy shine.”

How can we give our mane that va-va-voom effect?

“It’s all about the products you use from start to finish. If you have medium to thick hair, I suggest a volumizing mousse and root-lifting spray. However, there are a lot of women who experience naturally thin hair or suffer from hereditary hair loss. For those women with hereditary hair loss I always recommend using Women’s ROGAINE® Foam in your daily styling routine. It can be used in conjunction with other styling and texturizing products and with daily use can regrow hair in as early as 12 weeks.”

What are your hair hacks for going from curly to straight when we’re short on time?

“One of my favorite tricks to tell women with curly hair is to wash it the night before and pull it back into a tight braid to let it air dry overnight. Then in the morning, the curl has been virtually stretched into a straighter configuration. She can then use a round brush or straightening iron to smooth it the rest of the way straight saving tons of time!”

Hair extensions Rihanna Grammys

What’s the best way to recover hair from an extravagant and product-heavy hairstyle?

“The best recovery method is to rinse hair free of products by gently letting the water of your shower do most of the work. If you try to brush through a heavy amount of product you will likely create breakage, especially for fine-haired women. Then use a heavy conditioner and let sit for a while for recovery. Later in the week, you can use a deep-cleaning shampoo to cleanse the hair from any residue, but give it a couple of days. Then, make sure to follow up with a leave-in conditioner.”

Can you share with us a step-by-step tutorial of your favorite red carpet hairstyle?

“I have two favorite red carpet styles, Jennifer Lawrence at the 73rd Golden Globes and Adele at the 58th Grammy awards. Below are step-by-step guides for each:


Chignon Jennifer Lawrence Laura Polko Golden Globes

    1. Her icy blonde, deep sided sleek and tightly pulled back chignon was so timeless it was worth carpet accolades. It was also a look women can replicate themselves with the variance they might create at home.
    2.  Start by blowing hair out straight and adding a shine serum or a pomade to keep hair smooth while working with it. Part the hair on either side (women usually have a preference for their faces) but make sure it is deeper than usual for added drama.
    3. Before pulling the hair back into a low tight ponytail, part off the front bang area and leave it out until the end, you can return to the front after you’ve secured the chignon. You do this so as not to tighten down the front too much. Then, twist the ponytail around itself without too much predetermined structure pinning as you go. For women with very fine hair, back comb the ponytail before you begin to wrap as this will give your chignon some volume. Thick haired women, keep the twist tight as you pin as you don’t want a huge knot.
    4. After you are happy with your knot, go back to the front and either drape the hair the down across the forehead for a sweeping bang or go for the look Jennifer had which was more of a Grace Kelly look, off the face. You can determine which suits you more. And you have a beautiful look for and special night.


Razor-Cut Lob Adele Grammys

  1. Another  one of my favorite looks is when a beauty like Adele pairs a bold dress with a softer , youthful hair style. I feel like it keeps things balanced and from looking matronly.
  2. Her razor cut, Boliaged colored ends were so simple and yet really framed her face so well and it is easy to achieve! With the right stylist and colorist you can have this carpet look almost done well before the night of your event!
  3. Once you have the cut and color right, styling it is easy, add body building products like mousse and root lifters to give volume and rough dry the hair.
  4. I personally would avoid using a round brush almost till the hair is dry and just to create a bit of direction. Then use a large (2″ or more) curling iron to bump in some soft shape. Finish by spraying with dry shampoo to give it texture and an undone done look.”

What’s your Oscars hairnight look? Share with us in the comments below!

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