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How to Pick the Right Shower Filtration System


07 . 17 . 19

Priscila Martinez

Priscila Martinez is Los Angeles based brand strategy specialist and writer. She focuses on beauty, fashion and the luxury and lifestyle sectors. Martinez contributes to publications like Forbes, AdWeek and Asia Times and she writes for lifestyle outlets like Mane Addicts and Radio Disney’s Sweety High. In addition to editorial and publicity, Priscila has collaborated with various brands to produce content for their social media, websites and blogs. Nevertheless, Priscila’s most noted accomplishment is being mom to her furry son, Kingston.
Have you ever gone on vacation and realized your hair behaved infinitely better after a quick rinse? You aren’t alone. Destinations with good, mineral-rich water can have positive effects on the way hair feels and behaves. People spend serious cash chasing that good-water feeling. A great shortcut for  that feel good hair at home? A shower filtration system.



(via T3)

Art Department Celebrity Groomer Marissa Machado explains how genius systems like the T3 Micro Source showerhead actually work. “Great hair starts in the shower,” she begins.  “A shower filtration system is a good idea for anyone who wants to keep their hair to the highest standards. It cuts the frizz, leaves hair bouncy and allows for an easier after shower comb through,” Machado says. Added bonus? It also keeps colored hair hues locked in.

Our pro dishes on what you will notice instantly after installing one of these babies. “Not only will the user notice less frizz in their hair, but they’ll notice more hydrated and moisturized skin. An overall body benefit head to toe,” she affirms. These benefits come as a result of the apparatus’ mineral mixture of calcium sulfide, zinc, and copper. These three ingredients help reduce free chlorine and remove hydrogen sulfide (that nasty rotten egg smell you may experience from time to time), iron oxide (rust water), dirt, sediment, and other tap water odors.

If you are considering purchasing a filtration system of your own, our pro gives her top tips, “Be sure to change out every six months for the best results.” When trying to decide on what filtration system to buy, she also suggests you start your purchase journey in the reviews section. This is how she came upon her favorite shower filtration system, the T3 Source Showerhead. “I’d also recommend seeing how often it’s suggested to switch out the filter and how much the filter alone costs to make sure it fits within your budget. Finding one with a good warranty can also be of benefit,” she says.

Wondering how bad your shower water is for your hair? HERE are the cities with the worst water in the USA.

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