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How to Prevent a Receding Hairline, According to an Expert

Ever wondered why you’re losing your hair, yet your best friend of the same age has a full head of it? It could be because you aren’t taking the right precautionary measures. Yes, you can learn how to prevent a receding hairline. And we’re here to tell you how!

Eliminate Preventable Habits

While many hair loss issues are indeed hereditary, such is not always the case. Traction alopecia is 100% preventable, according to Dr. Chesahna Kindred, of Kindred Hair and Skin Center in Maryland. The condition is much more common in women than men because females tug at their hair more frequently and tie it up tightly.

“Avoid brushing the hairline, wearing ponytails for extended periods of time, or braiding the hair too tight,” Dr. Kindred advises.

Add the Right Supplements and Products

If you begin to notice hair loss (or you want to embark on how to prevent a receding hairline), certain supplements will make a difference (regardless of the situation’s cause).

“There are products that can help receding hairlines, whether it’s from unhealthy haircare practices or hereditary,” Dr. Kindred explains. “Nearly all of my patients begin with natural hair supplements, such as Nutrafol. Nutrafol is one of a few natural products for hair loss that actually works.”

Nutrafol Hair Wellness From Within: $79

(via Nutrafol)

Another product Dr. Kindred suggests is minoxidil (aka Rogaine), but she urges you to think long and hard before diving in. 

“While minoxidil is effective, I caution my patients to only start it if they know for sure they’ll never stop,” she says. “All of the other products I offer my patients require physician supervision, so I recommend that they see their local board-certified dermatologist that specializes in alopecia to learn about all of the other options.”

Rogaine: $50

(via Rogaine)

If you’re curious to learn more about hair loss, click HERE for the three main causes of a receding hairline.

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