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This Simple Step Is a MUST Before Putting on An Expensive Hair Mask

Not all hair masks are created equal and not all ways of applying them yield the same results. If you finally decided to splurge on a hair mask, you want to make sure you get your money’s worth. We caught up with world-renowned hair guru Philip B.–the man behind some of the priciest products on the market–who gave us the real lowdown on how to properly apply an expensive hair mask and the one step you can’t afford (lol literally) to skip.

hair mask application | Mane Addicts
(via Philip B)

Philip B. knows a thing or two about top-of-the-line hair masks. His newest Russian Amber mask clocks in at around $225 and is made of pea peptids and L-Amino acids. He takes hair conditioning seriously and advocates for taking one easy step before applying a luxurious mask. He believes this step will help your chosen mask reach its full potential.

Apply Oil Before Masking

Philip B.’s can’t-miss-step before applying an expensive hair mask is saturating your hair strands in oil before the mask goes on. You need to make sure that you pick good-for-you oils like jojoba, olive or coconut. The purpose of this exercise is to fill in the shafts so that the mask is able to repair and strengthen your strands instead of just plugging holes. You can purchase ready-to-use hair oils or make your own mixture at home. Don’t be afraid to be liberal with your application. The more oil your hair is able to absorb, the better results you will derive from the hair mask application.

Now that you’ve nailed the perfect instructions hair mask application, THIS is the potion you want to splurge on.

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